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32 Type is coming out in UB Series.


  • Simple & Compact.
  • Sliding guide is adapted for Y1 Axis table slide.
  • Special high wear resistant casting makes longer life and higher rigidity possible.
  • More cutting variation and shorter cycle time.
Main Side Tool
Main Side Tool
OD 5   □12×4、□16×1
ID 4   ER16×4
CROSS 4   ER16×4
Sub Side Tool
Sub Side Tool
OD --
ID 3   ER16×3
LIVE 3   ER16×3
  • M70V USB Memory Interface

    USB Memory Interface

  • Built-In Spindle Motor Max8,000rpm

    Built-In Spindle Motor Max8,000rpm


Specifications NN-32UB8
Max.Machining diameter φ32mm
Max.Machining length/1chuck 190mm
Main/Back spindle RPM Max 8,000rpm r.p.m / Max 6,000 r.p.m
Max.Number of Tools 19
Feed Rate    X1/Y1/Z1/X2/Z2 24m/min
Main spindle 3.7/5.5kW
Main tool spindle drive 0.75kW
Back tool spindle drive 0.75kW
W×D×H 2501×1003×1675mm
Depending on the processing condition such as the quality of work material and the tools to be used, machine capabilities values may differ from the above-mentioned values.
Specifications are subject to change without nolice.
This product couldbe classified as strategic item or other export regulated under the Foreigh Exchange and Foreign Trade Law.Contact our sales representative when exporting this product.

Product Information