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20mm hard turning Model(25mm optional)


  • 20mm hard turning Model
    (25mm optional)
  • 2.2/3.7kw built-in spindle motor
  • CNC M70V (MITSUBISHI) built-in
Tool Post
Tool Post

Tool post is made of special casting iron which is strong for abrasion resistance. Sliding surface is crafted by scrapers, which ensures longer-lasting and high rigidness.

Tool name Size Standard Option
OD Tool (Tool Holder) ▪12.7 5 6
ID Tool ER16 4
Live Tool ER16 4 3
Off-center drill + Live tool ER11 + ER16 3

Non-Live tool version is available

CNC Control

CNC Control
MITSUBISHI M70V is built-in, and the legibility is improved by 8.4 color TFT.
C-axis control is built-in as standard function, and Operation time can be reduced by Position Loop of Main Spindle without returning to the original position.
Operation panel
This operation panel is movable according to your work, such as Programming, Setup,
and Maintenance.

Spindle Motor

Spindle Motor
2.2/3.7kw built-in spindle motor on $1 main side,
and 25mm motor as an option.


The new larger cover will improve the effectiveness of your work, such as setting tools.


Tool presetter : Optional
Nomura’s original “Tool Presetters” increase machine utilization through “off machine” tool presetting of quick change tooling, reducing the time required to replace and adjust tools up to 60%. The Nomura Tool Presetter is a microscope-type unit that presets a turning tool to the same gauge length. This makes programming and operation much easier. It also makes it unnecessary to “touch off” tools after they are mounted on the machine, making the tool change process a 2-screw operation. With this unit, tooling can be set up even while the machine is running parts. Tooling can be quickly changed, and you can get back into operation fast.
Safety System (Standard Equipment)
  • Coolant oil cut-off detecton
    Coolant oil cut-off detecton
    Stops the machine automatically when the pressure of coolant oil decreases below specified level.
  • Door safety interlock switch
    Door safety interlock switch
    Causes the main power breaker to trip and the power to shut down when electric cabinet cover is opened.
  • Lightning surge protection function
    Lightning surge protection function
    Protects electronic circuit from high voltage to shutdown noise such as lightning.
  • Auto power interception
    Auto power interception
    Switches off the power breaker on the machine automatically when the machine is stopped during the automatic operation for any reason.
  • Main spindle load detection mode
    Main spindle load detection mode
    Stops the machine detecting defects in the main spindle when standard load and actual main spindle load are different.
  • Cut-off tool breakage detector
    Cut-off tool breakage detector
    Stops the machine automatically detecting materials that cannot be completely cut-off due to the breakage failure of the parting tool.
  • Tap breakage detector(Option)
    Tap breakage detector(Option)
    Stops the machine automatically detecting broken tap while processing the edge face of the tap.
  • Oil mist collector
    Oil mist collector
    Collects floating mist and helps for better working environment.
  • Signal warning light 3-stage type
    Signal warning light 3-stage type
    Facilitate confirmation in the distance on how the machine is working.

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Specification Item

  Specification Item Specification Item
Max. Machining Capabilities Max Machining diameter φ20 mm (Option, φ25mm)
Max Machining length 200mm/1 chuck
Max. parts unloading length 200mm/1 chuck
Main Spindle Main spindle through-hole diameter φ24mm (Option, φ27mm)
Main spindle RPM 10,000r.p.m. max.
$1 Max. no. of tools (as standard) 13
OD tool (□12.7×150mm Max.) 5 (6 Option)
ID frontal hole ER16 4
Live tool ER16 4 (5 Option)
Max. frontal drill diameter φ10mm
Max. frontal drill length 40mm
Max. frontal tap diameter M8
Max. live tool spindle drill hole φ8mm
Max. life tool spindle tap diameter M6
Live main tool spindle 6,000r.p.m. max.
  Rapid Feed rate X1、Y1 : 36m/min.
Z1 : 28m/min.
Min. command unit 0.0001mm
C-axis min. command unit ($1・2) 0.0001°
Motor Main spindle motor 2.2/3.7kW
Live tool motor 0.75kW
X1、Z1 1.0kW
Y1 0.5kW
Dimensions and Others Coolant pump 0.25kW
Lubricant pump 0.003kW
Main spindle center height 1,000mm
Pneumatic pressure & flow rate 0.6MPa、50L/min
Coolant tank Capacity 63L
Lubricant tank Capacity 0.8L
W×D×H 1,650×1,100×1,680mm
Weight 1,350kg
NC display (8.4 color TFT LCD)  
NC Standard Function Machining program memory capacity 1,280m [500KB]
Number of tool off-set correction 40pcs
Background programming editing function  
Main spindle C-axis function  
User macro function  
Tool nose rounding offset function  
Corner chamfering/Corner rounding  
Fixed cycle  
Complex fixed cycle  
Geometric commands  
Operation manual  
Serial In/Output interface  
CF card interface/USB interface  

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Standard Accessories

  • 4 Live tool unit
  • Frontal 4-drill attachment
  • Tool holder □12.7 (4 pcs.)
  • Tool holder □12.7 for cut-off (1 pce.)
  • Synchronous rotary guide bush 20
  • Synchronous rotary guide bush drive unit
  • Main:Chuck sleeve/spring/spindle cap (P20)
  • Drill holder φ22-10-70 (3 pcs.)
  • Tap holder φ22-94L (1pce.)
  • Main spindle cooling unit ($10)
  • Automatic lubricator (w/level detection)
  • Coolant oil unit
  • Coolant oil cut-off detector
  • Cut-off tool breakage detector
  • Door safety interlock
  • Main spindle load detection mode
  • Automatic power interception
  • Lightning surge protection function
  • Parts catcher
  • Working light (High luminance LED)
  • Leveling pads

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Optional Accessories

  • Optional Accessories
  • Fixed guide bush 20/25
  • Synchronous rotary guide bush 20/25
  • Sleeve for synchronous rotary guide bush
  • 3 Off-center-drill unit (E unit)
  • Tool holder □12.7 (additional)
  • Drill holder for deep hole
  • Tap holder for deep hole
  • ALPS TOOL NA nut
  • REGO-FIX ERM nut
  • Tool presetter
  • Manual pulse generator
  • NC display language(English/Chinese/Korean)
  • Parts catcher
  • Pipe type parts unloader (I.D φ10.12, and 14mm)
  • Large-sized lubricant pump 1.8L
  • Hanger bolt
  • Signal warning light 3-stage type
  • Medium pressure coolant
  • Oil mist collector
  • Tooling
  • Parts box
The above-mentioned machine capability is for the case when work material is SUS303.
Depending on the processing condition such as the quality of work material and the tools to be used,
machine capabilities values may differ from the above-mentioned values.
The specification based on the specification applied within Japan.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
This product could be classified as strategic item or other export regulated under the
Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law.
Contact our sales representative when exporting this product.

Product Information