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NN-16SB6 type3

Turning + Cross + Front-face + Back

Tool Name Size Equipment
OD tool (Tool Holder) 口12.7X5(130mm max.) Standard(*)
ID tool ER11 x 4 (Double drill holder) Standard
ER16 x3 (Double drill holder Option
Live tool ER11 x 3 Standard
ER16 x 3 Option
ER11 x 4 Option(*)
ER16 x 4 Option(*)

(*)In case that you choose 4 Live tool,the maximum number of OD tool (Tool Holder) is 4.

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Specification Item

  Specification Item type3
Max.Machining Capacity Machining diameter φ16mm
Machining length Fixed Bush(160mm) Rotary Bush(110mm)
Max. Parts unloading length 80mm
Main spindle Main spindle through-hole diameter φ17mm
Main spindle RPM ($1) 300~10,000 r.p.m(~8000r.p.m Rotary Bush)
Main spindle RPM ($2) 200~7000r.p.m
Max. back spindle chuck diameter φ16mm
  Max. no. of tools (as standard) 16
$1 OD tool(□12.7×130mm Max) 5
Frontal hole ER11(※1) 4
Live tool ER11(as standard) 3
Max frontaldrill diameter φ7mm
Max. frontal drill length 30mm
Max.frontal tap diameter M6
Max. live tool spindle drill diameter φ7mm tool spindle tap diameter M5
Live main tool spindle 200~8,000r.p.m
$2 Frontal hole ER11 4
Max. frontal drill diameter φ6mm
Max.frontal tap diameter M5
  Rapid feed speed rate 24m/min.
Min. command unit 0.0001mm
Main spindle C-axis min. command unit($1,$2) 0.001°
Motor Main spindle motor 2.2kW(Both use for C1)
Live tool motor 0.4kW
Back main spindle motor 0.75kW(Both use for C2)
Axis feed motor X1、Y1、Z1、Z2 0.5kW
Coolant pump 0.25kW
Lubricant pump 0.003kW
Hydraulic pump 0.75kW
Dimensions and Others Main spindle center height 1000mm
Input power capacity 7.1kVA
Pneumatic pressure & flow rate 0.6MPa/40L
Coolant tank 70L
Lubricant tank 0.8L
W×D×H 1945×980×1655
Weight(incl. options) 1.7t
NC Standard Function MITSUBISHI NC M70A
NC display (8.4 color TFT LCD)
Machining program memory capacity 230KB (600m)
Number of tool off-set correction(80 pairs)
Background programming editing function
Main spindle C-axis function ($1$2 C-axis of the simple belt)
User macro function
Tool nose wear compensation
Corner chamfering/Corner rounding
Fixed cycle
Complex fixed cycle
geometric commands
Oeration manual
Serial In/Output interface
CF Card interface

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Standard Accessores

Frontal drill attachment (ID tool unit) φ17(ER11)
Tool holder(OD tool) □12.7
Chuck sleeve P16
Chuck spring P16
Spindle cap P16
Working light(High luminous LED)  
Automatic lubricator  
Parts catcher  
Parts box  
Cut-off tool breakage  
Automatic power interception  
Coolant cut-off detector  
Main spindle overlord detector  
Door safety interlock  
Leveling pads  

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Optional Accessories

3 Live tool unit ER16

4 Live tool unit

4 Live tool unit ER11
Synchronous rotary guide bush  
Synchronous rotary guide bush drive unit  
Tool for synchronous rotary guide bush  
Fixed guide bush  
Tool presetter 10  
Spindle tube liner for small parts Rotary type
Drill holder φ22Doudle(With NA nut)
Tap holder φ22Doudle(With NA nut)
Tap breakage detector φ17/φ22
Back tool unit φ17/φ22
Parts support device type1/type2
Parts conveyor type3
Signal warning light 3-Stage
Working tool set  

(*1)type1/2 Single drill holder
type3 Double drill holder

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  $1 $2
Turning Cross drill Back main spindle
The specification based on the specifications applied within Japan. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
This product could be classified as strategic item or other export regulated under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law.Contact our sales representative when exporting this product.
The above-menlioned machine capabilily is for the case when work material is SUS303.
Depending on the processing condition such as the qualily of work material and the tools to be used,machine capabilities values may differ from the above-mentioned values.

Product Information